Sunday, August 24, 2014

Sundays with Sam: Welcome RICK!

[Hi every one. This is Sam writing this little introduction. I'll get out of the way in just a second so Rick, my BOYFRIEND, can say hello! I am so happy he wanted to write a little some thing to say Hi to every one. I told him he could write some thing really short or as long as he liked. So this is what he came up with. And can I say one more thing before I let Rick take over the post? You guys would LOVE him if you ever met him. And one more thing, and this is to Rick: I love you, baby. Okay, now Rick is in charge:]

Hi! I guess you can tell my the post title, that little cheesy hello sign I found, and Sammy's introduction, that this is Rick! It's very nice to meet you and I hope I can come up with something that won't sound too dorky! :)

When Sam told me about all the posts he's written for the blog I was a little nervous at first because I figured my name might come up a few times and I guess I was a little selfconscious. Then when I read the first one where he talked about how we met the first time, it was really interesting to see how he described what he was thinking and all that. I was so nervous that first time we met because when I first looked over and saw him having trouble starting his car, my heart started beating like it was going to explode. I mean I couldn't stop just staring at him. I've never had that kind of reaction when I saw a goodlooking guy before. I remember going over to see if I could help him with the battery or whatever it was but believe me, the closer I got to him, the more nervous I started feeling. I mean, here was this really, really cute guy and I wanted so bad to chat him up and see if I could get a read on him. So it was interesting to read how nervous he felt when he saw me coming to his car. I smiled during that whole post he wrote!

Well, when Sam told me about writing for the blog, he showed me the very first thing he wrote and I started with that one and read them all the way through without stopping. I had so many different reactions to what he's been sharing and thought I would just add a few observations from my standpoint.

I'm not ashamed to say I was in tears at various times. The only way I can explain it is by saying I always get a little emotional when Sam talks about things that he feels from his heart. It can be something really sad and I start tearing up, or it can be something he's super excited about and I get filled up with so much joy and excitement that I can get really moved. He has this incredibly honest way of talking and by that I mean there's this purity and innocence that always makes me want to treat each word with as much tenderness as I can. It's a little hard to describe but there's something that makes me want to hear each word with a sense of awe. He never uses throwaway words so I always know everything he says has very special meaning and believe me, I could literally sit and listen to him talk for hours. When I tell him this he gets a little embarrassed and selfconscious but I love how he talks about things. And you should hear how his voice sounds. He hooks me every single time.

I'm probably not going to write a whole lot because I've never written anything like a blog post before but I just wanted to say a couple more things. The first thing you need to know about Sammy is how strong he is, and I'm not talking about his physical strength, even though he's got plenty of that since he does landscaping for his job. But I'm talking about his inner strength. I have ideas about where he got all that and I think he's taken a lot of trials he's been through and learned plenty about himself and how to be strong even though he had to do a lot of hard work by himself.

But he also has this amazing and awesome tenderness about him that I love so much. But don't ever for one second think that tenderness means he's weak or fragile or might break. It's really the direct opposite. Man, he's a lot stronger than me. He's made me stop and think about my own life a lot harder than I ever have before. And I swear whenever we need to have a serious talk about anything you can tell in his eyes he's going to stay with it until we get to wherever we need to get to. He does not give up. That's just not in him, and I love seeing it and I've learned so much from him.

Another thing about my Sammy is his unique sense of humor. Sometimes when he's on a roll I literally go into tears because I'm laughing my behind off at his humor. I swear I have no idea how he comes up with his unique take on things. You should trust me on this. He has a wicked sense of humor that seems to come out of nowhere and almost always catches me off guard every time. And his face goes into all kinds of expressions when that humor comes out. And his eyes. If I wasn't laughing so hard at his humor I would just be staring at his eyes because he can almost tell a whole story by watching his eyes. It's almost like his eyes are laughing along with his words. And on a side note, he has the most beautiful and striking eyes I have ever seen on a guy before. If it wouldn't be so awkward and weird, I think I could just stare at his eyes for an hour without him even saying one single word and at the end of that hour, I could probably tell you everything he was thinking.

There's so much I could tell you about him but maybe I'll see how this post goes and maybe share some other things later. I guess you may have noticed I didn't say all that much about myself and that's because for this post I wanted to keep this on Sam and tell him how special he is to me. There is no hesitation on my part when I say I am a better person because I know him.

But before I go I want to make sure I say one more thing and this is extremely important to me. It was amazing and all kinds of awesome for me to read every single comment all of you leave him each week. I've spent the past two weeks going back and rereading everything Sam wrote. And then I reread every comment under all the post that you guys leave him. I have to make sure I have a box of tissues close by because how you guys support and encourage him means the world to me. There was one night he was sitting next to me while I was reading a couple of his posts and he was trying to rush me through what he had written. And that was because he was so excited for me to read the comment section. When he sits with me to read the posts and the comments you guys leave him, we have to make sure there's two boxes of tissues because when he tears up, I look at him and I start tearing up. All of you are so amazing.

So the next to the last thing I'd like to say is Thank You for being a part of Sam's life each Sunday. I know it means a lot to him, and I want all of you to know it means a lot to me.

Now the very last thing I want to say before I go is to My Sammy. You hear me say all the time how much I love you. And I don't say those words lightly. It's not just a phrase I throw around because I'm suppose to. Every time I tell you that it comes straight from my heart. And my heart is not only a lot stronger because of you, but it's more alive than it's ever been in my whole life.

I love you, my BOYFRIEND. I love you, my Sammy. Always and forever.


  1. Oh wow rick. You should have supplied some of those tissues with this post because now I'm sitting here with tears in my eyes. It's very clear Sam wasn't exaggerating when he told us how special you are; it shines through in every word you wrote in that post.
    I feel privileged to be allowed to observe a small part of Sam and your lives every week and I hope you'll continue to make each other as happy as you clearly are. I'm also looking forward to hearing more from you, Rick. Thank you so much for introducing yourself and giving my Sunday the perfect start.

  2. Beautiful!
    Hi Rick. It's very nice to meet you! I'm so glad that Sam has such an awesome BOYFRIEND. And it looks like Sam's a lucky guy, too. <3 <3
    Hope we hear more from you.


  3. Oh Rick!

    Thanks for making me cry this morning! Sam is a beautiful person and I am sure he shines because he has you to love him. I am glad the two of you have each other and I look forward to Sam's posts every week. I'm very proud of him! And now I hope to see more from YOU as well.

    Hugs from Maryland ;)

    Wade Kelly

  4. Lovely to meet you. Best wishes and hugs to you both :)

  5. Hello Rick, it's really nice to meet Sam's BOYFRIEND finally!!!
    I can say you too have your way with words hun and I'm so sure I am not the only one needing a tissue box right now...
    In a relationship, besides love, talking is the second most important thing, so you two are in the right track there.
    We're the lucky ones to have Sam allowing us to be part of his (and now your) life. It's the highlight of our Sundays!
    It's wonderful to be able to write a comment and express how happy we are for his achievements and how much we cheer for him and for you!
    You're both great and I hope we'll see more of you here! You're very welcome here Rick! Lots of love to you and to Sam!
    Hugs swetie.

  6. Hi Rick :waves:, it's so great to meet you. That was a beautiful post, and I can say You two are really lucky to have each other. You can tell Sam just lights up when he talks about you, but I feel your love for him too. It's a beautiful thing. I hope you'll pop in and post once in a while :) :Big hugs guys:

  7. Hi Rick,

    We very much looked forward all week to your post. You did a great job and gave us some interesting new insights into Sam and your relationship. You are a fine young man and would look forward to hearing from you as often as possible.

    I know that "our" Sam is in very good hands and is well taken care of. That is very reassuring. Will most definitely look forward to next time!


  8. Nice to meet the BOYFRIEND!! You sound so lovely, Rick. <3 There Is so much reverence and love for Sam in your words. This post made me smile really big. :) Hugs to you and Sam! - Jules

  9. Hello Rick! It is wonderful to meet you. I loved your post and I always look forward to Sam's posts on Sundays. I think Sam is pretty awesome and I am so happy you guys found each other. Wishing you both all the best. Hugs!

  10. Now the family is complete! it's so wonderful meeting you, Rick and I can see why Sam loves you. Both of you have more maturity than some people twice your age. Keep loving each other. And never let the haters get you down. You two and Mat and Brad are the real deal. <3

  11. Hi RICK, so nice to meet you! I'm so very glad Sam-He-Is shared his blogging experience with you so you could post here too.

    It's nice to know that Sam is as amazing as I thought all along. I totally get it about the tearing up. Sam does that to me whether it's a happy or sad post and they are rarely sad anymore. Your love and care have shown Sam he is worthy of all that love and devotion.

    Sam's adorable level rises every week even when I think he can't be any more adorable than he is. I love his humor and charm, It's obvious he makes you as happy as you make him.

    Your homage to Sam is wonderful and I hope you'll come back and post again. We can celebrate who you are next time. Looking forward to the RICK and Sam show lol! Love & ((hugs)) to you RICK and your Sammywise! :)

  12. You are both so lucky to have found each other. Finding that kind of love is unusual and beautiful. I'm always in awe how Sam puts his heart out here every Sunday. Rick, you obviously have excellent communication skills as well. I'd say I was jealous of you both for having each other but honestly, I'm thrilled you do because it gives me hope that MAYBE this old woman can still find someone I can love like that and will actually love me back. Hugs. Vicki

  13. What the others have already so eloquently said! My additional comment would be that you two continue to flourish and be each others' "soft place to land" whenever you need it.

    Sending big hugs to Sam & Rick, and as always to Matty & Brad for being awesome friends and mentors for Sam (& Rick). ��

  14. So nice to finally get to "meet" Rick. You sound just as wonderful as Sammy, and I'm sure I don't have to tell you just how special a guy he is, after all, you're his BOYFRIEND ;) Keep taking goo d care of each others hearts, guys.

  15. It's an absolute pleasure to meet you, Rick! I can totally see why Sam thinks you are just the bees knees (I'm not entirely sure why bees knees are so fantastic, but I can see why you are!). Your post is just beautiful, we can feel the love you have for our Sam just shining from every word. It's wonderful to know that Sam found someone in you who can see just how special he is and wants to take such great care of him. You and your Sammy are just right for each other and that truly makes my heart happy. I hope you visit us here again and we get to know you some more as well as your perspective on Sam. You already felt like part of our blog family and now it's official, lol.

  16. It is great to meet you after hearing so much about you! You are so good for Sam. We all love him like he's our own son, so thank you for loving him and showing him he IS lovable. You, sir, are the universe's BEST BOYFRIEND EVER!!

  17. Hi Rick, what a beautiful post!! It put a smile on my face :) You and Sam are amazing, am i am so glad you found each other. Reading your post today, and Sam's, i feel haw much you guys love each other. Tank you for sharing.

  18. Hello, Rick!

    It is a huge pleasure to meet you and hear your words. And right away I learned something new. You call my darling Sam, Sammy. I like that.

    Thank you for agreeing to share a little of yourself with us, especially the part when you first met Sam. It's always great to get the other person's POV. The two of you make a beautiful couple and are so lucky to have found each other. Sam has told us a lot about you, but I look forward to hearing more from you, and getting to know you better through your own words. Sam is a precious, amazing person with a true caring heart. You have brought him so miuch happiness and I thank you for that. Much love to you, Rick, and thank you for stopping by.

    And to you, darling Sam, glad you could convince that man of yours to write his initial blog piece. Hope you both enjoy the coming week. Hugs all around. :)

  19. Hello BOYFRIEND!! Well done, Rick! Great post!
    You've got one of the good guys, and you know it!
    But better still, Sam's got one of the good guys, too.
    Hand over the Kleenex box, would you? You made me bawl like a teenager.

    Come back anytime and say hello. *waves*

  20. My thanks to Rick, the BOYFRIEND for coming to meet us today. Thanks for the smiles and for letting us see a bit of your feelings for Sam. My very best to you both and many hugs!! :o)

  21. Hi Rick!! It is so amazing to read "your side of the story" because to this point you were simply Sam's BOYFRIEND, who I hoped was deserving of someone so honest and precious and sweet as Sam. I can see that I never need to worry- Sam has found a man as caring and loving as he is. And you will take care of each other's hearts. You are an observer, and as such, you have shown me a side of Sam that I was unaware of. I loved hearing of his strength and his humor as Sam doesn't dwell on those things. Thank you for stepping forward into the light and being wonderful in your own rite and perfect in all the ways Sam needs.

  22. Rick, you and Sam sound like you will be as amazing a couple as Matt and Brad and I'm so happy you have found each other! Take care of each other ((((hugs))))

  23. So nice to meet you, Rick! I love being able to see Sam (your BOYFRIEND) through your eyes. It only confirms how special he is. And now we know he has a nickname! There is so much love and respect and admiration in this post, it takes my breath away. Thank you for being there for our Sam(my), and for giving him so much. Please come back soon, and next time, tell us more about YOU! In the meantime... (Sorry for the ancient reference. I'm an 80's chick!)

  24. Hi RICK!!! It is so nice to finally 'meet' you! I've only been following this blog since February (I can't believe it's only been six months!), but I have have come to really care about Sam-I-Am, along with Matty and Brad. And as I have gotten to know you through Sam's post, I think you are just the perfect BOYFRIEND for 'our' Sam. Matty can tell you that whether it's a comment here or on his FB posts, I always capitalize your name. Lol. It's because Sam cares so much about you! I look forward to my quiet Sunday mornings with my coffee and Sam and I have learned to have a box of tissues nearby as Sam has touched me with his honesty, his sense of humor, his strength and with his exuberance! I can see now that I'm going to need that box of tissues with you too!

    I was worried a bit worried for you because we knew about you through Sam's posts but you don't know us (but I'm so glad you read through the comments). I just didn't want you to feel overwhelmed but you did a great job! Just jumped right in! I look forward to hearing from you again!

    I wonder what name Deedles comes up with for the two of you because I love Madley! Sam and Rick, I'm so glad you've found each other!

    1. Ms. Kari, I tried my best but I've failed miserably! I mean Ram or Sick? Nope. Rimmy? Ewww! Just squish their names together, Samrick. They do seem to make up a whole though, don't they? Sigh.

  25. Hi Rick! It's nice to finally "meet" you. There's not much I can add that hasn't already been said but I would like to say how amazing your BOYFRIEND Sam is. (Which I'm sure you know.) He amazes me with his strength and tenacity in all he does. And from what I've read you are the best BOYFRIEND too. You compliment each other and bring out the very best in yourselves and each other. I always look forward to reading Sam's post and now I look forward to hearing your POV as well. ((hugs to both))

  26. Welcome, Rick. Now pass me the tissues; you've got me in tears. I love reading this blog. They way the two of you feel and write about each other is beautiful. What I think I appreciate even more is how both of you know how rare this can be and cherish it. A hard maternal hug to both.

  27. Ugh..damn you Rick, you made me tear up with your post! :)
    It's wonderful to officially "meet" you, although I fell like we already know you from the great things Sam has told us about you.
    It was nice to get a different perspective on your relationship with Sam, we feel protective of him and its nice to know he's got a great guy on his side.
    As strong as Sam is on his own, you've had a hand in that. You've helped bring out a confidence in him because he feels loved and safe with you.
    You two are both great guys and have something very special together..continue to love and support each other.
    I do hope you'll come back and post again.
    Until next Sunday with Sam,
    Love and hugs

  28. Oh, Rick, I'm so thrilled to finally meet you! Whenever I feel like I need a reminder that there are good people in the world, I always come here and feel better. You and Sam (just like Matt and Brad) sound wonderful individually and especially together! I wish you both all the happiness in the world...

    Love, Trix

  29. Hi Rick, nice to meet ya! Look at all these wusses with their tissues. Humpf! I am a REAL WOMAN! I got a whole roll of toilet paper and I ain't afraid to use it! Seriously, you guys make me want to up my insulin and that is a compliment. BOYFRIEND doesn't seem like enough and yet it is perfect! I'm with Susan, I like the Sammy. So sweet! Looking forward to future posts. No pressure, we're the best kind of family here. Hugs.

  30. Hi Rick,

    What a great post. It is wonderful for us to get to see "meeting Sam " from your point of view. Yes - Sam is very strong. And he has grown & matured so much as we have been fortunate enough to follow his life here on the blog on Sundays over the last months. And while a lot of that is due to Sam's inner strength, a lot is thanks to you & your love as well. And - if I'm not mistaken - you are ** directly ** responsible for Sam's being able to escape his damaging & detrimental living situation. And I think we are all clear that his self confidence has grown, in no small part thanks to the love, support, strength, caring, & encouragement you have provided. We all thought you must be a great guy, & now I think we are even more convinced. I love all the effort you out into reading not only all of Sam's posts (which would have taken a while in its own right), but reading the comments & replies as well. That is amazing!
    I - like some of the others - are hoping to learn more about you, from you in sone future post. (I suspect you are a very modest, reserved young man.)
    So very glad that you & Sam met , found each other, & found true deep love. I've been so happy for Sam that he had a young deeply-in-love couple (of 4+ years) in Brad & Matt as a role model. And now you too have that. And they too have both you & Sam! It is moving how deeply you are able to see into Sam's eyes. I ** think ** if my
    Memory serves me right, that was one if the 1st things Matt saw in Brad - his eyes. In closing I'm thinking what are the odds for all of us readers to be able to follow the lives of 4 young ** prolific ** writers (odds of that alone ???) , 2 young couples , deeply in love at your respective stages in life yet maturity & wisdom exceeding that of some people 2x+ your age???? I think the odds are pretty slim, and I'm thankful to be able to follow so much of your lives! Looking forward to hearing more from you Rick at some point. Hope you guys all have a great last day of your weekend - and hooray Labor Day next weekend!!
    David Eaton
    San Jose, CA

  31. Hi Rick, nice to meet you! :) I love the way you're describing your love for Sam, so heart warming and cute! :)

  32. Wow, Rick, it is so nice to finally meet you. As you might can guess, we feel like we already know you through Sam's posts. So whether you realize it or not, you have become a part of our lives just as Sam has. I love reading his posts every week, it's like sitting down and having a chat with a friend. We get to catch up on what Sam has been doing and we also get a glimpse of his week with you. I think you are both great guys and you're great for each other. So welcome! I look forward to seeing more of both of you. Mel

  33. Hi, RICK! *waves*. When Sam told us that he hadn't told you about the blog, I was a little worried. Some people are really private and would not want aspects of their relationship shared. I was overjoyed when Sam shared you reaction last week and am even more so this week.

    I'm glad that you see Sam for all of the wonderful things he is. We have seen him grow more and more on a weekly basis. As others have said, a lot of that is due to his relationship with you. I think that you loving him helped cement the fact that he truly IS lovable. (A fact that we have known all along.)

    Thanks for posting and I'm sure Sam will share his space with you any time you want to visit.

  34. Wonderful to finally meet you, Rick! I think we are all a little relieved to find that you truly ARE as sweet as our Sam has said. We are a little protective of him, ya' know! I want to use this opportunity to give you a huge virtual ((HUG)) for being so understanding of him when things get too overwhelming. I'm glad he's found such a special person. It was fun to see your perspective of the first time you saw him! Looking forward to hearing from you again!!

  35. And now I need a box of tissues...
    It was great meeting you, Rick. Thank you for taking the time to write this blog post. I'm sure it means a whole lot to your sammy (I love how you call him that), and to us too.
    You are good to/for each other, that much is clear. It makes me so happy!
    Don't be a stranger, okay!? ;-)

    Love 'n hugs from Belgium.

    (And I don't usually mention where I'm from, but don't you think it's cool that your post really gets around the globe? lol)


  36. Cool post, Rick. Love and hugs to you and Sam xox Pamela

  37. Great to finally "meet" you, Rick!

  38. Hello Rick! It's very exciting to finally meet you even though it feels like I already know you from all of Sam's wonderful posts. You are an amazing person and it is so heartening to know that you are there for Sam like you are. You are perfect together and that is just so great to see. I look forward to hearing more from you. Thank you for joining in here. :) Many hugs to you both.

  39. Well hello Rick! I was hoping you'd take Sam up on writing a post! It's cool to see your take on him, and how writing here has affected his life. We love all of you, and are happy fine young men like you in our lives, and so willing to share.

    I have one request: Please write again. And this time, about YOU! HAHAHAHA This turned into a wonderful post about you and Sam, but I am sure a lot of us would like to hear about you, your life, what's happening, and how you got to where you are today!

    Thanks again, Rick! It's obvious that you and Sam are great together! That's awesome! Welcome to the blogosphere!

    Peace <3

  40. Hi Rick! Was really hoping we would get to hear from you one day :). So you are the guy who winked at our sweet Sam that October evening and helped him with his car (I knew you were a keeper when you asked him about the books he was reading). I love what you wrote about Sam - we all think he pretty much hung the moon. We hope to hear from you again! Give Sam a hug and tell him we love him *hugs.*

  41. Greetings Rick! It's so nice to meet you! Can I just say this? Wow. You are so absolutely sweet and nice, not that I ever had any doubt. I think you and Sam are a perfect match. I've been waiting all week to see what this Sunday would bring and gosh, the wait was sure worth it. I'm so glad you decided to post today and give us all a chance to meet you and say hi. We all love Sam and it's so very clear that you do, too. I grinned the entire time I was reading. You know what I loved the most? I loved when you called him, "My Sammy." *happy sighs* I'm just so thrilled that you and Sam found each other. I hope we get to visit with you again soon!

  42. Hi Rick (Sam's BOYFRIEND!) I just want to make a quick observation. When Sam first started writing here, he seemed a little sad and lonely. Life hadn't been very good to him. But anymore, his posts are full of joy and laughter and I know it's because he has you in his life, along with Matt and Brad. I can tell by your post that you really care about him and I'm so glad you found each other. Come visit us again soon!

  43. Hi Rick.
    Thanks for the great post sharing your kind words. I think I speak for many of us that reading the 2boysinlove blog every night is a sweet little treasure that tops off our day. Marty, Brad and Sam have become like family and as much as Sam talks highly of you, it's finally great to meet you and welcome you to our little world...... WELCOME.
    Thanks for sharing about Sammy with us. I good to hear your POV. We've known he was a great guy and it's great to finally hear from the man he is crazy over. I hope you continue to share with us on the blog.
    Once again.....WELCOME HOME

  44. Hi Rick, good to hear from you. It has been great seeing Sam grow in confidence and that has increased since he met you. Loved your view on the big meet! and waiting for more thoughts from you

  45. **Pass the Kleenex**
    That was lovely, Rick. Enjoyed "hearing" your voice. So glad you and Sam have each other--what great BOYFRIENDS you guys make. Looking forward to more from y'all.

  46. Hi Rick! Welcome and hope to hear from you again. Sam is adorable and I think the same applies to you.

  47. You two make a beautiful whole. Separately and together, you're an inspiration. Love on, Rick and Sam. Love on!