Sunday, August 17, 2014

Sundays with Sam: Wanna meet Rick?

Hey every one! It's Sunday and time for Sam-I-Am once again.

So I have a little announcement. Ready? Hold on to your seats.

I decided to tell Rick, my BOYFRIEND, about my Sunday posts here on Brad's and Matty's blog. For a long time I was not sure whether I was going to tell him about it, not because I felt I was doing any thing wrong, but I guess in the beginning (before I even saw his beautiful face) I thought this would be a good way for me to talk about my feelings and how things were going in my life. I do a lot of writing in my personal Journal because the counseling program I am in asks us to do that.

But I figured my writing here would be a little bit different because I didn't know many gay people and most of the straight people I know are hateful towards people who are gay. And Brad and Matty said every body who reads their blog is extremely supportive and caring, so I decided to do this in order to get some more support in my life.

And believe me, that has certainly come true. I always look forward to coming here each Sunday and letting you know some of the things going on, and then I have so many comments I get to read through over the week. Well, I mean, I read all of them during Sunday and especially Sunday night, but then I always go back during the week and go through them again. They mean so much to me.

So getting back to Rick. I decided to tell him about my posts because I am very proud of what I write about. And since meeting Rick I feel like you guys know a lot about him and how sweet he is. So I told him about my posts and sat down with him while he read each one. And he was in tears by the time he got to the last one I wrote. I mean, tears of joy and happiness. He said he loved reading what I wrote and gave me so many compliments. I have never shown him my personal Journal, because the purpose is for me to write about any thing on my mind, including dark stuff and good stuff and any thing I want to get out of my head.

So I asked him if he would like to write a post where he could say Hello, but he said he didn't want to take any thing away from why I was writing them in the first place. And I looked at him and said, "Well, sweetie, I am only asking if you would like to write one post to say Hello, not to take over each Sunday!" HA HA! He is so cute like that! You guys are going to LOVE him! LOVE HIM! But not the same way I do! :)

So he got a kick out of that and said he would! He is still not sure what he wants to say, so I said he could just say, "Hello. I'm Rick. Nice to meet you. Goodbye." And you should have seen him laugh at that one!! HA HA.So he said he would think about what he wanted to say and maybe next Sunday you guys can say hello to him. He said he is thinking about sharing some of his memories about the time we first met or maybe just some general things about why we are perfect for each other (SEE? See how sweet he is?!!!).

Any way, if he gets it all written up by next Sunday, then you will get to meet him and I am so excited, especially if he says all kinds of good things about me!!! HA HA Just kidding there. Seriously, I told him he is free to say what ever he wants, and he can make is short or what even length he wants. It's up to him.

Okay, that is all I have for today. If he does not get it ready for NEXT Sunday, then hopefully it will be ready for the following. I hope he gets it ready for next week. Want to know why? Because I am SO EXCITED about you meeting MY BOYFRIEND!!

Hope every one has a great day and a great week! Love and Hugs from Sam-I-Am!


  1. Hi Sammy, that sure is exciting news. I can't wait to meet that wonderful man of yours even if I already feel I know and love him. Your happiness just shines through in your words there and, as always, it gives my Sunday a wonderful lift. Continue being you and continue being happy.

  2. Wohooooooooooo we might be meeting your BOYFRIEND!!!
    We cannot wait to tell Rick how happy we are that he is in your life, Sam!

  3. I am so proud of you Sam. Your confidence is growing by leaps and bounds! Of course you know WE would all like to meet Rick, but the idea that you shared this part of your life is wonderful. Your thoughts and feeling are very close and personal. And even thought they are ONLINE for all the world to see, people in your personal life that see you on a daily basis are still excluded and your soul, bared in the posts) is still protected in some way. By sharing, you open yourself up to possible hurt or judgment because now Rick can see into your thoughts that he wasn't privy to before. This is an amazing step of trust. BRAVO.
    And of course Rick would cry. You have painted him and an extremely caring, wonderful man full of love for you. I would not expect anything less than tears of joy.

    Hugs to you both. Can't wait to hear from Rick YOUR BOYFRIEND. ;)

    HI RICK!!! *waves*


  4. Hi Sam. What a sweet post!!! We'd love to have the chance to say "HI" to Rick, your BOYFRIEND!! Looking forward to his post.

    I hope that you have a wonderful week.

    **BIG hugs**

  5. It would be lovely to meet Rick but really I'm just glad he loves your posts as much as we do. I never tire of reading about your life and feel like we fell in love with him along with you. Oh and tell him if he ever hurts you, you have back up ;-)

  6. Looking forward to meeting him!

  7. Yay, Sam! It will be a pleasure to meet Rick, your BOYFRIEND, so he can see how much we love him for being so sweet and loving and supportive of our wonderful Sam-I-Am. You have just grown and blossomed so much, Sam, I can describe just how special you are and how amazing that is to watch. You positively sparkle now! Not to say you can't or won't have those darker moments, but I hope you have a really good pair of sunglasses because your future is BRIGHT!

  8. Yay! Can't wait to meet Rick :)

  9. I think its wonderful that you let Rick, your BOYFRIEND, know about Sundays with Sam. That took a lot of faith and Rick didn't disappoint.
    I can't wait to hear from him, even though I feel like we already know him and what a sweetie he is.
    xoxo Sam-I-Am

  10. I am sure it was a bit nerve wracking, telling Rick about his personal life being publically "aired", but he took the news like the incredibly wonderful guy and true champion that he is. I am happy it went so well. I believe I speak for everyone when I say that we all very much look forward to hearing personally from Rick!


  11. I am so glad you chose to share this with your BOYFRIEND. I hope he is prepared for all the love that will be showered upon him.

  12. OMG!!! I am so excited that RICK, your BOYFRIEND, will be posting!! Of course he might be overwhelmed by all the love he gets from us because we already know and love him, LOL. I am so proud of you, Sam-You-Are-So-Amazing, for telling RICK, your BOYFRIEND about the blog. I want you, Matty, Brad, and RICK to know that I so enjoy reading this blog every morning and reading everyone's comments. ❤️❤️❤️

  13. Happy Sunday, darling Sam.

    This is great news. Ever since Rick came into your life and we knew he wasn't aware of your weekly posts, I wondered if/when you would feel comfortable enough to tell him about it. And now you have. I am so proud of you. And Rick, being the perfect boyfriend we have already come to know and love through your eyes, received the knowledge that he has been a major subject of conversation without any problem. :)

    This was a huge step for you, Sam, and I congratulate you for taking it. Sharing your post activity with Rick, and then wanting to share a bit of him with us is just another example of your generous nature. Please convey to Rick, if he can't tell already, how eager we all are to say Hello whenever he is ready. So happy for you both. ((Hugs)) all around.

  14. Hey Sam,

    it will be really great to finally know Rick!!! We really feel like we know him already, but it will be really cool to read his post.
    I hope you had a great week and I can only imagine your anxiety to read what he has to say... ��
    It's a joy to be allowed into your life through this blog. You can't wait to read the comments and we can't wait to read about your week.
    Wish you and Rick a wonderful week. Lots of love to you both. ��

  15. How awesome is that!!!! Don't you just love when you take a step that only makes your relationship that much strong. Way to believe in yourself and in your BOYFRIEND! You are lucky to have Rick but you know what, he is very very lucky to have you. You are perfect for each other and it shows. Have a great week and thanks for your Sunday posts. Who knows maybe you and Rick will become the next Matt & Brad and start your own blog. :-).

  16. Sam,
    It's hard to express how privileged I feel at being allowed to see into your life so intimately and opening. We all support you because you are deserving of that support. You're a great person, who, even though you've had your struggles, is forging a good life for yourself. You are taking the steps necessary to grow into a fine man, and you're well on the way!

    And of course, I'd LOVE to get to know Rick, too! I look forward to his post, whenever he gets it finished!

    Peace <3

  17. I can't wait to meet Rick. Gay or straight, not everyone is as fortunate as the two of you to have such a wonderful relationship and to appreciate and nourish it. Hugs to both.

  18. I always wondered if Rick knew you wrote here? I'm glad he knows and he was touched by what you wrote. I'm sure that it was cool for him to see the progression of your relationship as it unfolded in your opinion. I would love to hear Rick's "side of the story" LOL. Looking forward to it.

  19. Hi Sam! Happy Sunday! Looking forward to meeting Rick.. He sounds amazing and anyone who makes you so very happy has to be!

  20. It's funny but recently I was wondering whether or not you had told Rick about your blog posts yet. You guys seem to be getting so close that I was hoping you'd reached that level of comfort and trust. So glad to see you have.

    It will be great to hear about Rick from Rick. And his perspective on things will be happily received.

  21. What a wonderful boyfriend you have. Could you send one my way? I'm pretty sick of living alone. For him to not want to push in on what her perceives as your territory is sweet. You found a great one. Congrats, Sam. Hugs. V

  22. Hey Sam. Joy has just been spewing off of your posts lately! It's quite lovely, actually <3 Rick is perfectly welcome here even if it is just to say hi. No pressure on these here premises! Have a happy week dear boy, er, man.

  23. Yay! Did he laugh at how many times you and all of us have referred to him as YOUR BOYFRIEND? Hahaha! I bet he loved reading about the first time you guys met, too! I hope he decides to retell that story from his point-of-view. I love hearing about firsts. It makes me all melty and giddy. *Ahem* Still waiting for Matty & Brad to write about their first kiss. ;-)

    Have a wonderful week, Sam! And be sure to tell YOUR BOYFRIEND how much we're looking forward to meeting him! xoxo

  24. Sam you always make me smile! Always. I love reading your posts and I'm glad you've shared this with YOUR BOYFRIEND! This is another good thing that you and he can share together. We love you here and I look forward to your Sunday posts. I like to know how you're doing and to offer support when you need it. That's what friends are for. I can't wait to meet Rick, whenever he's ready. <3

  25. I simply adore you, Sam. I sat here this morning giggling over my coffee and my hubby asked what was so funny. "Sam." Who? "Sam. He's just so cute." That led to me trying to fill him in on the whole Matt-Brad-Sam-Rick THE BOYFRIEND dynamic. I ended up reading him some of my favorite posts of yours. And, low and behold, my somewhat homophobic hubby was sticking up for you when I read about the hand-holding in Boston or the girl hitting on Rick at the party. Never think you are insignificant, Sam, or that these posts don't make an impact outside of your immediate circle, because they do. Whether they are happy or sad or just brutally honest...they have the power to help someone see a side of life they might not normally ever see. I'm sure Rick was blown away. As I re-read some of these this morning, I saw them from his eyes and he must be humbled at the depths of your feelings for him. I, selfishly, hope he will write about the very first time you two met. I'd love to know what he was thinking. That's one of my favorite part of this blog, when Matt & Brad each tell their side of something. Poor Rick won't know what hit him - was he even aware he had "fans"??? LMAO!

  26. I'm even more impressed with both you and Rick. You are simply amazing in your strength Sam and Rick, your BOYFRIEND is lucky and blessed to have you. Can't wait to hear things from his perspective. :)

  27. Looking forward to finally meeting the amazing Rick. :)

  28. Yay, Sam!
    Looking forward to it. :D

  29. Hi Sam, well as commenter / reply #29 - assuming I'm not too long winded here lol & more people reply in the interim!! - I'm not sure if you or anyone will actually even see this. (I guess the price I pay for not taking my 6am pst commuter train since it's a Sunday lol). I'm so happy for you & proud of you. I related to something that Sussn, Mia, & Lynette commented on - namely whether you had or hadn't shared with Rick that you were writing on Sundays. I noticed that Susan commented that we knew you hadn't shared with him that you were posting. Actually like Mia & some of the others, I wasn't sure ..., and I had wondered about it. You were posting great things about the both of you. But I caught mysrlf wondering - wow if I was Sam's age & had a boyfriend - how long would I wait? Would I tell him about my guest posts? It struck me as one of those situations in life where the longer you wait to share something with someone - possibly the more awkward it would be.
    So I'm super glad you did this - what a brave, courageous, & sincere step in furthering your self growth & your relationship! (You just continue to grow & grow). Given how you have described Rick & what you have shared from the depths of your soul, I'm not surprised how moved he was!! And yes - I feel the same as others - I'll be excited to read his introductory post, no matter how short or long he wants to make it! I agree with some of the earlier commenters who said a neat topic would be what he recalls & saw from when he first met you. But if course any topic is fine! Have a great week & thanks so much for sharing this new exciting development!
    David Eaton
    San Jose, CA

  30. *Waves* Hi Rick! I'm assuming you'll be reading this anyhow. I'm very excited to get to "meet" you and to read about your view of things. As you can tell we all love your sweet BOYFRIEND Sam a lot here and we love what he shares about you both. I'm glad to see that Sam decided to share this with you even if you don't post often. So even though you've been a part of all our lives for a while now it is great to know that you are aware of all of us now.

    Thank you, Sam for sharing this with us, as always, you make my Sunday better. Big hugs and lots of happy to you sweetie. I hope you have a wonderful week!

  31. Hi Sam-You-Are! I'm so excited to meet RICK! I'm glad you shared the posts with him. He knows you're adorable. Now he knows we know you're adorable.

    Hi RICK. I really hope to hear your side of meeting Sam for the first time. I just re-read his virgin flirt column lol! I want to know what was going through your mind standing there with Sam and your arms touching. I'm sure you'll be just as adorable as Sam. I know you're a smart person RICK. You knew what a treasure Sam is and you make him so very happy so we already like you a lot lol! So no pressure here. Just be you. Sam's smart and he picked well too. I still think it's funny that your name is always in caps. You're the only one I know that important! ((Hugs))

  32. Sam, you sound so happy. Yay! Can't wait to finally meet your BOYFRIEND! This is a great idea. :)

  33. I've been wondering how Rick would react when you told him about writing on the blog. I'm happy for you that he is so supportive. And sweet. You're lucky, lucky guys, both of you. *squishes*

    To Sweet-RICK-Sam's-BOYFRIEND, it doesn't matter what you say. You'll always be welcome here and we are thrilled to meet you! *hugs*

    And to Sweet-Sam-I-Am...the difference between your first posts and these last few (or a long have you and Rick been together? ;) ) is like night and day. I know you say that our comments mean a lot to you, but your words mean more than you know to some of us too. If you can make this amazing journey, then maybe there is still hope for people like me, right? You are awe-inspiring, Sweet-Sam-I-Am. Don't ever change. *big hugs*

  34. You always sound so full of joy these days Sam, so it will be good to meet one of the main reasons for this! I'm glad Rick reacted well to your posts but you must have thought he woud to doit in the first place. A private journal is a different matter. Looking forward to hearing from Rick even if it is just for him to say hi!

  35. I'm straight but love reading about your journey. Very impressed with your posts!