Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Spending time together

I'm writing this late Tuesday night and Brad and I are thinking about doing something fun today (Wednesday). Brad has the day off, and I'm thinking about playing hooky from work.

It's really difficult for me to call my boss with an excuse when I really have no legitimate reason for not going in -- or at least a reason my boss would think perfectly acceptable to miss work over.

But Brad is free and I really, really want to do something fun with him. He often works the late shift at the restaurant so we don't get to spend as much time with each other in the evening as we'd like.

It's nice to think about maybe sleeping in late, going out for lunch, deciding on something like visiting a museum or even just exploring one of the many state parks or reservations. Or going canoeing or sailing on the Charles River in the afternoon. 

I'm going to figure out something to tell my boss about why I can't come in and hope it sounds convincing. Maybe I should just tell him I need a day off to tend to some personal matters and leave it at that. I have a hard time making things up, but telling him I need to take care of some personal things is actually true. It's just that he doesn't know the specific details which is that Brad and I want -- or need -- to spend some enjoyable time together.

Anyway, I'm sure I'll get this worked out in my head because I'm really, really looking forward to a day off in mid-week to spend all day with my honey. Plus, we start school again next week and things will start getting a little more hectic.

Do you guys sometimes feel guilty about taking a day off every now and then? I mean, I pride myself on going to work every day, not only because I really do enjoy what I do, but they also count on me to be there. I sort of feel guilty for letting my boss down but guys call in all the time and he just makes adjustments in the schedule and work tasks and life somehow seems to go on. :)

Hope everyone has a good Hump Day! See ya tomorrow!


  1. Don't feel guilty, Matty. Everyone needs a day off sometimes and it's the end of summer, like you said, go take some time for yourself and have fun with B.

  2. Matt, I think you should be honest and tell him it's Happy Hump Day ;) You don't take much time off. You're in school and then in the summer you work full-time. Enjoy your day.

  3. I would tell your boss you need time to take care of personal matters before school begins. At that point you would have NO time to spare. And definitely don't feel any guilt, Matty. Think of this as a mental health day. We all need those. You and Bradley enjoy your time together. :)

  4. Hi Matt,

    You definitely need & deserve sometime off before school. Life goes on for your boss & work! My guess is you probably take way less time off - maybe next to none - compared to
    your colleagues. And if I had to guess, I'd say you probably don't call in sick from much "fun" the night before. I
    Like Susan's idea the best (school
    Is starting in a few days & I need a personal day off to wrap up some things). I like Mary's idea a close 2nd best. (Sorry Marry!). Your boss doesn't need to know what "personal business" you need to wrap up. He is your boss, not your friend. And unless they are a buffoon (sp?), they won't ask 'oh what is it you need to take care of?' All of the ideas you mentioned (canoeing, sailing, state parks, museums, etc( sound like fantastic together time opportunities for you both!!!
    Enjoy your day together & your last few days before school!
    David Eaton
    San Jose, CA

  5. Oh by the way, silly me, the reason I like Susan's suggestion is the "keep it simple" (or short & simple) approach. When I was younger like you all / earlier in my career (like 150 yrs ago lol), I never took days off either - and when I rarely took 1 off - felt a need to give an elaborate story / TMI. As a general rule in life, that's an easy way to dig yourself a deep hole / fall into it too! So short & simple is best!
    Wow - we are all envious of your well deserved mid week day off!!!

  6. Hi David, I was teasing. I'll have to add more winks next time lol! I definitely don't think Matt should say that. Personal business is a perfectly good reason.

  7. Do to the schedule I work and the amount of time I get off I generally have all my days planned out so I don't take any unexpected days off like this but I do love the idea.
    I hope you guys have an amazing time, it sounds like so much fun! Plus it's wonderful that you get to spend it together especially since you haven't been able to as much lately.

    Have fun!

  8. Enjoy the day with your guy. Everyone needs a 'mental health' day. :) :) :)

  9. Do what you feel you have to do Matt. Life's too short to always do what you have to do.

  10. I remember one time (never having taken a day off before) I ended up being in hospital for 3 days and told to stay home for another week. The first thing my boss asked when I returned was "Do you think it was necessary to take time off?" I was allowed 5 sick days a year and in 4 years had never taken one. After that comment I decided I would never missed a sick day again and took the days off each year.

    Since you'- you deserve a day for you and being with Brad, it is important so do it.before returning to school next week.

    1. Boy Jay, that must've sucked! Good for you for taking your days. Back when I rode my dinosaur to work, I came in after my honeymoon with a bad cold. I was told ( after all the giggling about sleeping naked as a new experience) to go home until I was well. The new efficiency expert then fired me while I was recuperating. Turns out , the place was owned by crooks who ended up out of business and in jail. All in all a win-win. Don't mess with Karma :)

  11. Tell your boss you really need a personal day before school starts. It's being truthful without going into details. And no need to feel guilty, a day off like that every now and then benefits everyone, including your boss, because you go back to work feeling rejuvenated from spending time on the life side of your work/life balance.

  12. If you have not taken a sick day in some time, then go for it. Everyone in the Government and most larger businesses gets sick leave each year and believe me, most people do take "mental health days". I bet there have been plenty of days that you were actually sick and managed to tough it out.

    "All work and no play makes Matty a very dull boy." A famous old saying.


  13. I feel guilty if I call out sick too, but you know what, everyone needs that occasional personal day to do whatever they want. :)
    ENJOY your day with your honey guilt free and have fun!!

  14. I think everyone needs an attitude adjustment day. I give my kids one every semester if they need it. It's your personal day, don't feel guilty about it. Your mind and your body tells you that you need this day. Have fun guys!! ❤️❤️❤️

  15. What is work? It's been so long I don't remember! Occasionally I will take a day off from my vegetating to clean the house. I figure if you don't abuse your sick days and are a conscien, consienc, uh, thoughtful worker you shouldn't have any problem taking a personal day. No explanations needed, personal is personal. Depends on your relationship with your boss. You seem to have a good one. I think everyone should take some time for a good hump, I mean a good Hump Day. Enjoy yourselves, Madley.

  16. If you need time, take it.
    But in answering your question, I always feel guilty. Always.

  17. I'm like you. I rarely, if ever, called off work unless it was legit. That said, I agree with Helena. Now that I'm older, I wish I would've played hooky and just had fun now and then. Needing to handle personal things is a perfect reason. Do it and have FUN!!

  18. Been on both sides of the desk Matt ... take a personal reasons day off ... you cover when others call in ... they will cover for you. Because of who this group is ... we all have felt guilty about taking a day off ... it's who we are! But spontaneous fun with Brad will relieve that guilt because HE is more important than the job! Never pass up a chance to be with your beloved! Have a fun Hump day! Love you both from Alaska Ann Alaskan

  19. I feel the same way you do, Matt. It is hard for me to "call in sick" when I'm not. At least I get paid sick leave. But to be perfectly honest, as much as I like and appreciate my job, twice this summer the stress got to me. I took a day off each time. Felt so good I was happy to go back the next day.

    We have terrible leave policies in this country. That makes it tough to get the time you need to rejuvenate. I say take the day. As hard as the two of you work, I think you deserve it.

    Peace <3