Thursday, August 21, 2014

My evening in heaven!

Those immortal words by Chef
in his toast to me. :)
I won't keep boring you with post after post about the dinner party at my Chef's home. But...

I wanted to just share something about that wonderful evening and tie it in with what my dad told me. I feel like I've been on such a high since both these things happened because it's done wonders for my self-confidence and enthusiasm for my future. So I'm going to try and keep riding that feeling for a while, so please allow me that little self-indulgence! LOL

I know my post yesterday had a really different tone to it, but in a way it's all part of the whole picture. See, in yesterday's post I told you about my dad saying some extremely validating words to me -- words that mean a lot to me. "Proud of you." He's never said that to me before. Ever. No matter what happens from this point on, I hope I never forget those words.

And then at Chef's dinner party, I was included in his toast before dinner: "...and to Bradley, an up and coming chef to watch." This Chef is pretty well known in culinary circles, so these words coming from him hold a lot of weight. And they meant a lot to me. Maybe in a different way from my dad's words, but they still meant a lot to me.

So I was talking to Matty about what Chef said and what my dad said and sort of waited for his brain to play with those two phrases. I just knew somehow that's exactly what he was going to do. He had "that look" on his face when he goes into "brain play." And I LOVE to watch his brain at play. He's got this really interesting and creative and playful brain that once it's in motion about something important to me, is exciting to watch.

I was telling him I didn't think I would ever forget what both my dad and Chef said to me. I told him both of those short phrases were etched in my brain forever. So I knew Matty was about to let his brain out to play because he had this sort of twinkle in his eyes, a very slight grin on his face, and he said to me, "Say both those phrases again -- kind of softly." And then he closed his eyes (don't you just love this?!! THIS is what always happens when he lets his brain out to play), and I repeated both of them again.

He leaned back on the sofa, kept his eyes shut and said, "Say them again. Slowly." So I did. And watched him. And waited. (Now I was smiling. I LOVE watching this process at work. He looks really deep in thought like an artist composing a painting, or a composer orchestrating a song, or an author visualizing a scene.)

Then he said, "They don't even know each other and yet they both see something incredibly important in you. Chef sees an 'up and coming chef to watch,' and your dad is so 'proud of you' for following your dream to be a chef. Maybe Chef got a toast from his mentor when he was your age and he's passing it on to you. Maybe your dad never got 'Proud of you' from his dad, so he knows what it's like not to get that, so he's learned something and he's giving it to you."

Matty said all that while he was leaning back on the sofa with his eyes closed. When he opened them and saw me staring at him with some tears going down my face, he leaned over and pulled me into a really tight hug and just let me cry. He didn't say one single word but just rubbed my back with one hand, and ran his hands through my hair with the other.

I had thought the toast I got from Chef at the dinner party was my evening in heaven. And I had thought hearing my dad say, Proud of you" was my evening in heaven. And those two things were heaven for me.

But the other night when Matty pulled it all together and held me tight -- that was my third Evening in Heaven. I'm going to remember all three, but the one from My Matty had a specialness about it I will treasure forever. I know we're in this together. 

Regardless what happens with my culinary career... regardless of what happens between me and my dad... I have My Matty all the way.


  1. Oh, good lord! More sniffle time. Give me a break, guys, there's a bad drought here and I need to save water! These tears may come in handy some day! Seriously, I love how you two are so attuned to each other. It's wonderful to "see". You are definitely my "Madley". Hope you guys don't mind the name. More big squishies, boy my arms are tired ( oldish, you know). Love

    1. Deedles, I love the name Madley. It always makes me think of "Truly, Madly, Deeply" by Savage Garden. I think the lyrics fit them too.

  2. OMG you two are just perfect! To have that much love and understanding for each other? So very special. Much love to you both :) Enjoy your high Brad you totally deserve it!

  3. Bradley,

    First off: please, PLEASE do keep "boring" us with posts about the dinner party. With that out of the way, today's post is crazy/wonderful. You and Matty are so in harmony with each other. His assessment was spot on. It made two already special occasions even more so. Thank you for sharing this with us. Love and hugs to you both.

  4. Smart Matty! Amazing observation and so true. Keep riding that high Brad!

  5. Doing a bit of swooning over what you two have got with each other!!
    I agree with the Susan, please keep "boring"us, its wonderful to read about how great the evening went for you and the confidence it gave with it as long as you can.
    hugs to you and Matty.

  6. Hi Brad,

    Post. I love the way Matt tied everything together & is so insightful. I think it very likely that Chef had a mentor & heard those words. And at least possible that your Dad never heard those words. Three special memories, your very own "nights on heaven right here on Earth" that will stay with you forever! All special in their own right, each very different, yet each having a common thread. Of those as special as they all are, I think your connectedness with Matt & each if your abilities to directly into the soul of the other is in my view the most special.
    David Eaton
    San Jose. , CA

  7. What amazing life moments to treasure those three are, Bradley. The way Matty tied the first two together and brought out the truth of them is brilliant. You two are so very special.

  8. Brad.. You and your Matty are so very special. It makes me so happy that you are getting validations of your dream from your mentor, your dad, and from your Matty. When you are a famous chef, I want you to remember these moments..the excitement in starting your dream, nervousness about how it will turn out, and pride you feel in being acknowledged for being YOU. Lots of happy tears this morning!

  9. So much happiness for you both! I love your name for and description of Matt when he is in "brain play" mode, perfect!

    I agree with a lot of other commenters, I am enjoying being "bored" by your posts about your night with Chef, please keep sharing!

  10. You're both amazing! Matt said it perfectly, Brad. Enjoy your moment, sweet. There will be lots of moments like that in your future, because you're talented like that! Hugs

  11. Once again your post touched me on a very deep level. I have tears in my eyes and a smile on my face. You're description of Matt while his brain works read like poetry, so beautiful and I could visualize him even if I've no idea what he looks like.

  12. I am sitting at my desk at work, waiting on a tech support callback, and now I have tears welling up. So awesome. I am so happy for you and for Matt. That you have each other is just wonderful.

    Peace <3

  13. Gah! You make me want to go all Mama Shell and squeeze you both to pieces. I'm glad you have each other and B, Matty is just as lucky that you're his Bradley.

  14. Hi Brad,

    That is wonderful to have your precious Matty to share and celebrate a couple of positive happenings. No jealousy or envy on Matty's part, just pure love, support and happiness.

    In the event that you should ever hit a rough patch in your life, it is also reassuring that Matty will still be there for you with the exact same love and support. Matty will always be your constant, there for you till the end of time, thru good times and bad. You are so fortunate to have him! Hold on to him forever with all your might.


  15. Wonderful post, Brad. You have so much to be proud of personally and professionally. You and Matt never fail to touch my heart and bring tears to my eyes. Your relationship is an inspiration.

    Deedles calling you Madley now has the Savage Garden song stuck in my head. You're probably too young to remember it but it definitely makes me think of your relationship.

    "I'll be your dream, I'll be your wish
    I'll be your fantasy
    I'll be your hope, I'll be your love
    Be everything that you need
    I'll love you more with every breath
    Truly, madly, deeply do"

    Savage Garden - Truly Madly Deeply (1997)

    1. I love Savage Garden! That song is one of their most beautiful and you're right Lynette, it suits Madley to a t!

  16. Tears of joy for you Brad & for the brain that plays! When you are in your career & someone comes along that 'speaks' to your heart ... you will know how to speak to them. Matt being able to link the love & pride has started the chain which you will add to one day. Humans are linked together by love ... When the chain gets broken ... it takes a 'playful brain" to repair it & make it stronger! Please keep sharing the dinner with us ... Please keep sharing the playful brain with us ... please keep being our links in our chain of love. Love always to you both & Sam & Rick from Alaska Ann Alaskan

  17. Keep the posts coming, for as long as you feel good about sharing! I've stocked up on Kleenex, and am ready.
    You have some pretty cool men in your life, Brad, some are finally seeing you (your dad) and some are so very happy to have found you, (Chef and Matt).
    Enjoy this. Roll around in it. You have earned it.

  18. Oh, Brad, I love how excited you still are and I love hearing about it. So, please post as much about your evening as you want. I don't think any of us here are going to get tired of hearing about it. Your Matty has a fabulous mind and it's so awesome how he pulled it all together. You two are the sweetest guys ever and I'm so glad you found each other.

  19. Aww, I'm sitting here squeeing with Muppety happiness! What a wonderful moment for you both, and I know it will be just the beginning!

    Love, Trix

  20. And THAT is why you love Matty!!

    Simple, straight-forward, totally logical (in his way :) )

    No other words are necessary. I am SO happy for you both :)