Sunday, February 23, 2014

Sundays with Sam: My briefs

Hi every one!! As you can see by the title of my post today, my topic is: Briefs!!

Posting a pic like this one is a little daring for me, but I guess that means I am feeling a little more daring lately!! LOL!!! How about that? Wow! :)

So are you wondering if that guy up there is me? HAHAHA! Well, nope! Not even close! :) I wish, though. He looks sexy in those briefs doesn't he? I think so. Mmm Hmm! Yep! I mean, just look at those legs. And his back. And..... his booty!! HAHA!

Oh wait. I haven't told Rick, my BOYFRIEND WHO LOVES ME, about my posts yet. I think I'm going to let him see what I have written at some point, but for now he doesn't know about it. BUT, in case I do tell him, let me go ahead and state this: "Hey Rick! Like we said a while back, it's OK to look but not to touch! Plus, just remember, that guy is just a picture and even if I saw him coming out of the pool like that, I'd look -- and you know you would, too! -- but why would I even want any more than than you? Besides, we have have each other. And YOU, my sweetheart, are ALL I need or want!"

OK, so on to more "briefs" since this is what I am talking about today. This has been a super busy week so I thought I would just give you a few briefs:

-- I went to that make-up party with Brad and HAD A BLAST! Well, not for the first 20 minutes because I was super nervous and did not know any body.

But Brad stuck by my side ()

I will tell you more about it soon, because I learned a BUNCH of new things about my self. Remember in my post I was telling you how worried I was about whether the other gay guys there would see me as "gay enough"? Meaning I was worried I might not fit in since I have spent so much of my life trying to hide being gay?

Well...... hold on to your seats: I WAS GAY ENOUGH!!!!! LOL!!!! All the guys there seemed to like me and even started talking to me and joking around like I was a REAL GAY GUY, just like them!!! When I told Brad that on the way back to their house, he just smiled and said, "Well. That's because you are!" And that made me SO HAPPY!

Right now I am feeling like the happiest person in the whole world! Can you tell?? LOL!!! It felt really good, too, like it was the most natural thing in the world. WOW! I am still amazed by this and I am so glad I went, so Thank You Brad for inviting me!! :)

-- The other "brief" is that this is one of the gifts Rick (my BOYFRIEND WHO LOVES ME) gave me for Valentine's Day! I can't remember if I have told you guys, but I LOVE UNDERWEAR!! HAHA! Funny, huh? I have boxers, boxer-briefs, and just plain briefs. And I always decide which style to wear depending on the mood I am in that day!

If it's hot outside, like during the summer, I ALWAYS wear boxers because there is room for the air to circulate! HAHA!

If I want to feel snug as a bug in a rug, then I wear boxer-briefs. I like how they mold to my legs and make it feel like I am being hugged down there! HAHA!

And if I want to feel super-sexy, I wear briefs. Just the traditional briefs like the pool guy is wearing up there. Maybe because there's not too much to them so it comes close to commando, but just enough to let me know I'm wearing something there!

When I explained my theory to Rick, MY BOYFRIEND WHO LOVES ME, he died laughing! He said it was the cutest thing he had ever heard! And he said it made total sense to him!! So, one of the Valentine's Day presents he gave me was some briefs, in different colors, and I think I love the Red ones the best because he gave them to me on Lover's Day!!

Okay, so there you have a few "briefs" from me. I can't wait to tell you all about the make-up party and all the stuff I learned about my self. I am really proud of my self for going and for relaxing enough to be a real part of the party, because after all, I AM GAY ENOUGH for this kind of thing!! LOL!! Yay Me!!

And now I need to get ready for my date later this afternoon with Rick, my BOYFRIEND WHO LOVES ME. And guess which underwear I am wearing? (*Oh God, now I am totally blushing!!*) Yep, I am going with the RED BRIEFS!!

OK, I hope every one has a nice day and a nice week! See you next Sunday!

Love from Sam-I-Am-In-Total-Love!


  1. Oh Sam-You-ARE-a-love, every week I think you can't get any more adorable and BAM, you are! You make me smile, laugh and you make my heart smile too! I'm wondering if Matt helped you pick that picture because he has said that's his fave pose - I guess because you get a front & back view! That greedy Matt lol! As for you "just looking", tell RICK that it doesn't matter where you get your appetite as long as you eat at home ;) I'm not sure if RICK should read your posts. He should be warned that he may fall even more in LOVE with you, if that's even possible. Thanks for starting my Sunday in such a lovely way Samwise. Love & ((hugs))

  2. It's not how gay you are but how nice you are and in that respect, you have nothing to worry about!

  3. Oh Darling Sam! Your happiness just bubbles through. It's so wonderful to "see" you like this! It does my heart good. Can't wait to hear about the party, I'm so glad to hear you had a blast! You're amazing, Sam. Big hugs.

  4. Hey, Sam-in-love! What a happy post! It's lovely to hear that you are having such a fun time these days. You deserve it! *Big Happy Hugs* from me.

  5. Sam, you are so adorable!! What an awesome post. Should we now call you "Sam-I-am-in-total-love-and-prefer-to-wear-briefs" ??? LOL.

    I am so glad that you and Bradley had a great time at the makeup party!

    And btw...looking is OK (I still do after 33 years of marriage, as does the hubby - it's only natural) but there is no touching.

    I'm so proud of you, Sam.

    Big hugs!

  6. well good morning Sam-I-am-in-Love!!
    What a wonderfully upbeat post, your happiness just jumped off the page.
    So good to hear you having so much fun with everything lately, including the make up party. Yay for you for going.
    I have to agree with Mary, I wouldn't think you could be more adorable, and yet every week you are. My Sundays with Sam-I-am-in-love never fails to make me smile :)
    hugs of happiness to you!!
    have fun on your date with Rick.

  7. Good morning, Sam darling.

    What a great picture to start the day! And your posts on Sundays are always something I look forward to. Today's post is so full-to-bursting with your joy of life. I am thrilled to bits you had a great time at the make-up party. I knew you would, but these are things you have to discover for yourself; can't wait to hear all the details.

    Rick's gift was a perfect one. He is not only thoughtful, but imaginative. :) Have a wonderful date tonight. :)

    (((Hugs))) until the next time!

  8. GRRRRREAT POST! I love the picture, and I, too, just LOOOOVE guys in white briefs. They are sexy as heck to me.

    I'm soooo glad you had a good time at the party. I wasn't too worried, but I know it was a stretch for you. Now you know you can push your limits and feel good about it. I'm sure it was tough wondering if you'd be gay enough, but for sure, you had at least one thing in common with everyone else and that is you're gay.

    Anyway, I hope you give Rick a hint of the briefs you're wearing today! He'll sure smile and blush if you do!

    It sure does make me happy to see you so happy, Sam! That's awesome!

    Peace <3

  9. Super cute, Sam! You sound so happy. Love that! Have a great time with your 'BOYFRIEND WHO LOVES ME'!

  10. Sam, at least your face and your underwear will match. :-D

    And of course you're a real gay guy! If you weren't, Rick (your BOYFRIEND WHO LOVES YOU), would be Ricki or Rhonda or Rosemary. The only "pretend" gay guys are us girls who wish we were gay guys.

  11. Loved this post, Sam! I am grinning huge and feeling so happy for you. Have fun wearing your red briefs while you're with your BOYFRIEND WHO LOVES YOU! I am glad you had a good time at the makeup party too. Thank you for the smiles and the shared happiness, Sam.

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  13. I love your Sunday posts, Sam! I bet it was empowering to go to that party and face down your fears. (Probably almost as empowering as wearing those red undies!) Congrats to you. :)

  14. OOPS! Sorry about above. I wanted to edit my post and couldn't figure out how to do it, so I had to delete it and start over! haha Sam, you just make me smile! I'm so glad that things are going so well and that you are so happy. Happiness looks good on you. Have a fabulous week, sweetie. Oh and the guy above? In the dripping wet tightie whities? Super duper hotness.

  15. Ha! Love this post (as always) Sam! You never fail to brighten my Sundays even the ones that aren't going so well. I may have to hire you to be my daily mood lifter ;)
    Have a really great day with Rick you guys are just too sweet for words! <3

  16. Hello, Sam-I-Am-In-Love-In-Red-Briefs! It is fantastic to see you so joyful and full of confidence! Your post so made me smile like a Cheshire Cat. Enjoy your time with Rick (your BOYFRIEND WHO LOVES YOU AND WHO YOU LOVE RIGHT BACK), I'm sure he'll enjoy your fashion choice ;-)

  17. Thanks for posting, Sam. You are such a sweetheart.

  18. Wonderful post Sam :)
    And a wonderful picture accompanying it too :)